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About Us

Experienced and easy to work with, but most notably, virtuous and constantly on the offensive against ad fraud. We don't look-the-other-way. adParagon was established as a beacon of quality and integrity in an industry plagued by fraud and dishonesty. Understanding the importance of Advertiser products and budgets, we remain steadfast in the mindset of maximizing ad-spend and ROI. 

Our Vision

Worry-free, fraud-free digital advertising.  Fraudsters are sophisticated and try to stay a step or two ahead. This is why daily eyes on analysis is still necessary, which is exactly what we do, on top of the tech flags and filters. Also, we’ve been helping gaming companies implement and utilize unique tracking techniques to gain greater visibility into the legitimacy and value of users; effectively snuffing out all forms of digital/bot fraud.


Our technology is built to protect you. We are focused on eliminating fraud, and our tools assure you are acquiring real, engaged users. Our customized portal lets you manage assigned campaigns and view available campaigns, connect via API, pull reports and more. Additionally, we stay up to date with new tech and stay ahead of the fraudsters.


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Allow us to connect you to our premium publishers. We will match you with sources that make sense for your campaign to guarantee profit-maximizing users.


Looking to maximize your revenue?  We can connect you to our high-end advertisers. Let us help you fill your video, banner, interstitial, and offerwall placements.  


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